Bio Erector

An innovative modular Printer for pharmaceuticals/cosmetic testing, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, bio-sensor and many more.

Compatible Material :

Bioinks (Collagen, Gelatin), PLGA, PDMS, Sugar etc.

Specifications :

  • Bed Temperature: 120°c (max)
  • Nozzle (needle) diameter : up to 26 gauge
  • Product Dimensions: 530*500*571mm
  • Working Dimensions: 200*200*200mm
  • Auto Bed Leveling
  • Close/Clean chamber
  • Quality-Cost efficiency Balance
Bio-Ink :

  • Custom designed bio-ink for skin tissue culture
  • Suitable for developing structural skin models for screeing applications
  • Performance comparable to gold standard bio-inks
  • Indigenously developed by Iota Design & Innovations Lab Pvt. Ltd.